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Sandler Training | Crowthorne, Berkshire

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Changing the Rules

Join us at our interactive 'Changing the Rules' workshop

Change the Rules - Make a Difference - Close More Sales

Are you wasting too much time, energy, and resources trying to convince people to buy your products and services?

Join us for an executive briefing to understand the differences between the buyer's sales system and the seller's system and start closing more business.

This is an interactive and collaborative session aimed at helping you understand what a different sales system could look like and how it can impact the performance of your business.  

Join Leanne Godsell at this session, designed for sales and business leaders that are typically:

  • Concerned that their prospecting activity is not as effective as it could be
  • Frustrated that they do a lot of free consulting in sales meetings
  • Worried that they seem to discount to win new business

Sandler Training is the worldwide leader in sales and management training, with over 300 offices in 25+ countries.

By harnessing the proven principles, strategies and methods created by Sandler Training, you can maximise your business potential. 

Working with blue-chip companies like Oracle, Salesforce and LinkedIn all the way to SME's, Sandler Training's methodologies have helped countless people achieve success.  

This interactive session will take place virtually on the 6th and 26th August at 10am

Leanne ran the workshop on zoom where she created a positive environment for us to share ideas and our own experiences. The content she shared with us was interesting and thought provoking giving me plenty of new ideas to take away and develop further.

Sam Swinstead, Vivo HR

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Who we work with

About Leanne Godsell

Leanne Godsell

Leanne has a proven track record in senior leadership roles ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. She has been instrumental in delivering sustainable growth, transforming commercial performance and instilling best practice in Business Development and Customer Care teams.

Leanne looks at providing teams with the ‘will and skill’ to achieve results and acts as a mentor / coach to ensure people succeed.

About Sandler Training

Sandler Training is the worldwide leader in sales and management training, with over 250 offices in nearly 30 countries. Our proved methodology and structures have been implemented by thousands of organisations, from blue-chip companies like Oracle, Salesforce and LinkedIn through to SMEs across the UK.

Our training and consulting has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their fortunes and go on to greater success.